Standard Disclaimer: This documentation is not very structured and subject to constant change. Content may be updated/removed based on what I feel is necessary. This project is experimental and subject to change. Did I mention yet this project is subject to change?

Placeholder to explain what the DBS (or Delivery Boy System) is. I think it's important that every software have at least one TLA used somewhere. Takeout Express was TOE. Even though DBS isn't a true acronym, we are going to use it as it is ;) Also, I think it's important to stress that the term boy has nothing to do with any gender bias, I just thought it would lend to a fun project name and perhaps a creative logo... not done by me... hint...

Ok, so what sets the two apart?
  • Takeout Express was meant to be used within organizations as an easy way to solve the problem defined in the Takeout Express 1.0 History.
  • Dinner Now is a more global solution, giving infrastructure to the restaruants not necessarily the consumer.
  • Takeout Express was originally designed to be "boxed" solution, Dinner Now takes more of an ASP approach.
  • Takeout Express was for commercial (originally), Dinner Now was academic

The idea of the delivery boy system expands on both Takeout Express' original intention of a Takeout Provider and Dinner Now's messanger communication system. I could say, "why not just use what Dinner Now has?" except for a few things.
  1. Windows Mobile Device - As much as I love this type of mobile development and want to get involved with more, I think there should be an SMS interface as well dropping a barrier to entry into the biz. I vision the DBS to be able to communicate with a number of wireless devices, including SMS, Java (maybe? am I allowed to say that here?)
  2. Allow creation of Delivery Companies/Delivery Dispatchers not associated with the merchant - Just thought that would be cool if you could be a delivery company for a number of smaller companies such as the local Chinese place to the local drug store.
  3. Allow dispatchers to sign up new delivery boys with relative ease (such as enabling a system that collects drivers license #, referrals, etc. I certainly don't know the legal implications at this point, that is why this is meant to be more of a simulation than anything (should probably have a disclaimer somewhere.). The idea is if a 16 year old with a car looking to make some extra cash one evening can go on to a dispatcher site, be able to sign up, verify, and be on the road accepting orders for various restaraunts or retailers.
  4. Apply everything as an ASP model (with plugins?)
  5. Leads to next point, which is expanding to new ventures outside of restaraunts as the designation for both TakeoutExpress and DinnerNow. This shouldn't be looked at until much later, and I don't even want to consider it in the first few releases. I do think it would be a great discussion point on if it makes sense to do or even sounds realistic/fun to develop.

something interesting on SMS messaging development

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